About Us

Peniel Global Eer.Rel Limited is a multi tasking company founded by Mr. Johnson O. Ayo. The company was established to carry out Real Estate Management, Printing Press and Errand Service. 




Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Goals

To become the best home provider, offer the highest quality in printing services and response shifty to errand services  for individuals and corporate bodies from any where across the world 

To keep our promises, provide creative solutions, and achieve our client’s goals.

1. To be the best shelter provider with the passion to consistently provide fulfillment

2. To constantly come up with innovative ways to make our clients look good on paper

3. To help law student meet their day to day needs from while concentrating on their studies 

Our Team

Our staff is composed of highly qualified and experienced professionals, who are carefully selected, trained and supervised.

Each of our employees is amazing in their own right, but together they are what makes Peniel Global Err.Rel Limited  such a fun and rewarding place to work.  The Peniel team is a tight-knit, talented group with a shared vision of delivering consistently great results for our clients, as well as ensuring the company is a fun, inclusive, challenging place to work and develop a rewarding career.